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Companies with APIs that are included in this Image APIs research, with API detail when it exists.

500px 500px is a premium marketplace for photography licensing. All of 500pxs inspiring and evocative photography is directly sourced from the world-class 500px community. Get full access to 50M+ photos curated from 500px, exclusive offers, simple pricing, and more. (API-Stack,Images,Images,Images-Stack,Photos,Photos,Photos,Photos,Social,Social)
6px With everything moving to the cloud, it is essential that the tools and strategies for processing images move as well. 6px is a series of microservices built for large scale image processing in the cloud. Processing millions upon millions of images per month, our battle-tested software and infrastructure allows companies, large and small, to build next-generation, image-oriented applications and services in a fraction of the time. (Images,Images API,Target)
A View From My Seat Our goal is to bring sports fans photos from every seat in every sports venue. We want you to know what the view is while buying tickets and before going to the game. Never get stuck behind a foul pole or end up with an obstruction. Find the seat with the perfect view. (API-Stack,Images,Photos,Sports,Sports-Stack)
Avatars.io Every app needs avatars, we make it hassle-free. Hosted user avatar service for your apps and sites. Avatars.io supports 3 sizes for avatars. We are mapping to the actual service, so theres no u0026ldquo;guaranteedu0026rdquo; size. Avatars.io lets your users upload their own avatars, in case you dont want to use one from a specific service. (API-Stack,Avatar,Hosting,Images,Photos,Profile-Stack,Social Profiles)
Chute Chute gives brands mastery over the worldu0026rsquo;s visual media u0026ndash; from discovering audience content and influencers, to the ideation, production, and amplification of compelling visual material through its visual marketing automation platform, Chute Insights and Chute Workspace. Chute works with some of the worldu0026rsquo;s biggest brands and publishers including Benefit Cosmetics, NBCUniversal, adidas, Brown-Forman, Condu0026eacute; Nast, NBA, United Nations, New York Times, and Ford. (API-Stack,Images,Images,Images-Stack,Photos,Photos,Social,Video)
Chute Media
Cincopa Cincopa is a multimedia-platform provider of high-quality video hosting, digital asset, and website management tools. Offering an extensive variety of responsive photo galleries, slideshows, audio/video players, as well as top-notch hosting and distribution services, Cincopa is a leading website enhancement platform for Wordpress and other popular CMS integrations. (API-Stack,Audio-Stack,Images,Photos,Video)
Cloudinary Cloudinary is a cloud-based service that answers a website or mobile applicationu0026rsquo;s entire image management needs - uploads, storage, manipulations, optimizations and delivery. Cloudinaryu0026rsquo;s users can easily move all their websiteu0026rsquo;s images to the cloud. Automatically perform smart image resizing, cropping, merging, overlay, watermark, apply effects, rotations and perform format conversions. All this without installing any complex software. Integrate social website (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) profile image extraction, fetch images from any online resource in any dimension and style to match a websiteu0026rsquo;s graphics requirements, and much more. (API-Stack,Cloud,Cloud-Stack,Content delivery network,Content-Stack,Images,Local,Media,Media-management)
Cutcaster In a world that is becoming increasingly more visual, the ability to find and use images effectively gives communications professionals a competitive advantage. Cutcaster has tapped into a new creative universe of unique photos and vector illustrations that can be purchased royalty free for use in publishing, web design project, printing brochures, advertising, corporate marketing, electronic usage on websites and presentations. Cutcaster is the first model that adds a dynamic marketplace structure to support licensing user-generated photography and vectors. If you donu0026rsquo;t have the budget or time to create the content yourself and want to find the most original, highest quality and authentic content not previously available to license and within your budget, then join us for free at Cutcaster.u0026lt;/pu0026gt; (API-Stack,Image-Stack,Images,Photo-Stack,Photos,Photos,Stock)
Dribbble Dribbble.com is an invitation-only website, billed as a u0026ldquo;show and tell for designers, developers and other creatives,u0026rdquo; that allows users to post screenshots of their current projects, in search of feedback or just to fuel collective creativity. (API-Stack,Creative-Stack,Images,Screenshot)
EXIF.in Exif.in is a webservice that reads EXIF data from an image and returns it in JSON-y goodness. Request a /strip and youll get back an exact copy with all EXIF information removed. (Images,Photos)
fanart.tv fanart.tv is dedicated to improving your media centre, we provide a range of specialised image types to make the most of your media centre experience with support from the XBMC community in providing skins that utilise the images.d (API-Stack,Art,Art-Stack,Arts,Entertainment,Fan,Images,Images,Media,Movies,Photos,Television,Television-Stack)
fanart.tv TV
Flickr Flickr (pronounced flicker) is an image hosting and video hosting website, and web services suite that was created by Ludicorp in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo in 2005. In addition to being a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs, and effectively an online community, the service is widely used by photo researchers and by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media. (Images,My API Stack,Photo API,Photos)
Flickr Activity API
Flickr Authentication API
Flickr Blogs API
Flickr Cameras API
Flickr Collections APIs
Flickr Commons API
Flickr Contacts API
Flickr Favorites API
Flickr Galleries API
Flickr Groups API
Flickr Interestingness aPI
Flickr Machine Tags API
Flickr Panda API
Flickr People API
Flickr Photos API
Flickr Photosets API
Flickr Places API
Flickr Preferences API
Flickr Push API
Flickr Reflection API
Flickr Stats API
Flickr Tags API
Flickr Test API
Flickr URLs API
Fotolia Fotolia is a low-priced stock photography site, offering over 16 million images for publishing and advertising, at prices as low as $0.75 per photo. Unlike the two major players in stock photo sales (Corbis and Getty), Fotoliau0026rsquo;s images are mostly from semi-pro and amateur photographers, though the photos are of similar quality. Fotolia photographers earn 30%-60% of the sales revenue from their images. (API-Stack,Free,Images,Images-Stack,Photos,Photos,Stockphoto)
Getty Images Getty Images, Inc. is an American stock photo agency, based in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is a supplier of stock images for business and consumers with an archive of 80 million still images and illustrations and more than 50,000 hours of stock film footage. It targets three marketsu2014creative professionals (advertising and graphic design), the media (print and online publishing), and corporate (in-house design, marketing and communication departments). (Images,Photo API,Photos,Stock)
Getty Images API
Getty Images Asset Changes API
Getty Images Asset Registration API
Getty Images Collection API
Getty Images Download API
Getty Images Search API
Giphy Giphy is a search engine for GIFs. Animated GIFs have existed for decades, but there was still no good way to browse and discover the best the web had to offer. And the vision for Giphy isnu2019t really just about finding GIFs. Itu2019s a search engine today but soon youu2019ll see it grow into a community, a platform with a host of features targeted at gif artists, enthusiasts, bloggers, and anyone generally looking to discover or create that next big meme. (Gifs,Images,Indie EdTech Data Jam)
Giphy Gif API
Iconfinder Iconfinder delivers high quality icons for web designers and developers in an easy and efficient way. The target audience is web designers and developers, but the icons are also used to style desktop or in presentations and reports. With millions on icons downloaded every month it is among the most popular icon sites. (API-Stack,Icon,Images,Images-Stack)
ImageVision ImageVision is a leader and innovator in Visual Analytics for Big Data. Our mission is to help companies monetize their image and video content. Using Facial Feature Geometry and Analytics to Identify User Demographics. Find correlations between a useru0026rsquo;s activities over a period of time leading to higher Ad clicks and conversions. Recognizes content from images and videos and passes category tags to content publishers to improve visual search and user demographics. (Adult,Adult,Detection,Detection,Images,Images,JavaScript,JavaScript)
Imgur Known as The Simple Image Sharer, Imgur provides a fast and easy service for sharing images with the Internet. The company offers free image hosting, paid Pro subscriptions, and a robust API. The site also features the Imgur Gallery, a real time collection of the most popular images being circulated on the Internet. Founder, Alan Schaaf, launched Imgur in February of 2009 when he was a Junior at Ohio University. The site immediately gained favor with users of social media sites and online communities due to its ease of use, anonymous uploads and unlimited bandwidth restrictions. (API-Stack,Images,Images-Stack,Photos,Photos,Social,Social Media)
Imgur API
Instagram Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. A distinctive feature is that it confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images, in contrast to the 4:3 aspect ratio typically used by mobile device cameras. Users can also apply digital filters to their images. The maximum duration for Instagram videos is 15 seconds. (Advertising,Images,Indie EdTech Data Jam,My API Stack,Photo,Photo API,Social Media)
Instagram Geographies API
Instagram Locations API
Instagram Media API
Instagram Tags API
Instagram Users API
NewsCred NewsCred, Inc. is a content marketing and syndication platform, providing access to license text, images, and video from leading publications. The NewsCred API provides access to news articles, with grouping by stories, topics, categories, sources, and author. Contact NewsCred for pricing, and access to content via API. (API LIfeycle,API-Stack,Articles,Images,News,News API,News syndication service,News-Stack,Syndication,Video)
NounProject The Noun Project is a platform where the worldu2019s visual language can be shared. Our community of designers from around the world is building an ever expanding collection of images that help people visually communicate and tell stories in fun, powerful, and memorable ways. (API-Stack,Icons,Images,Images-Stack,My API Stack,Plans,Target)
The Noun Project Collection API
The Noun Project Collections API
The Noun Project Icon API
The Noun Project Icons API
The Noun Project User API
Open Images Open Images is an open media platform that offers online access to audiovisual archive material to stimulate creative reuse. (API-EU,API-NL,API-Stack,Images,Images,Images-Stack,Media,Photos,Social Media,Video)
Photobucket Photobucket is an image hosting and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community dedicated to preserving and sharing the entire photo and video lifecycle. Photobucket hosts more than 10 billion images from 100 million registered members, who upload more than four million images and videos per day from the Web and connected digital devices. (API-Stack,Images,Images-Stack,Photos)
TinEye TinEye is a reverse image search engine developed and offered by Idu0026eacute;e, Inc., a company based in Toronto, Canada. It is the first image search engine on the web to use image identification technology rather than keywords, metadata or watermarks. TinEye allows users to search not using keywords but with images. Upon submitting an image, TinEye creates a unique and compact digital signature or fingerprint of the image and matches it with other indexed images. This procedure is able to match even heavily edited versions of the submitted image, but will not usually return similar images in the results (API-Stack,Images,Images-Stack)
Transloadit Transloadit is a Berlin based startup that takes care of user generated content. Web/apps point their uploads directly to Transloaditu0026rsquo;s cloud platform so that they can be encoded, transformed, and stored back on the customeru0026rsquo;s server or cloud bucket. Transloadit supports upload progress bars, video encoding, adding logos, converting documents, generating waveforms (like soundcloud), and more as can be seen in their Demos section. (Conversion,File Management,Images,Media,Photos,Photos,Thumbnail,Upload,Video)
Uploadcare Beautiful HTML5 widget, API to manage files in cloud storage, smart and fast CDN to deliver them to your end users. Crop, resize and transform uploaded images using URL commands. Transfer entire HD videos, documents and huge sets of photos, upload media from different sources. With Uploadcare your users can upload files up to 5 TB in size. (APIs.io Import,CDN,Cloud,Cloud-Storage,Conversion,File,Images,Media,Media-management,Storage,Thumbnails,Upload)